Welcome the GURPS Campaign 2016 (Trans dimensional Agents)

The thrill of trans dimensional espionage and black ops is the reality you get to live in service of the Trans Corp.

Each of you has entered service to the Trans Corp (willingly or not) and have been recruited to the trouble shooter section due to your unique abilities. Each of you represents an unusual talent or ability that takes you beyond the normal person.

Trans Corp is dedicated to policing and maintaining the stability of alternate dimensions, and promoting the best results for the Home Dimension. Too much manipulation of the other dimensions can cause instability and Homeline scientists predict that too many drastic changes can cause rifts that may endanger existence itself. Of course, many organizations (government as well as criminal) are not as scrupulous and need to be curtailed, as well as certain dangerous dimensions have to be subtly manipulated for the betterment of Homeline.

GURPS Campaign 2016

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