Sergeant Bill Randolph

Trans Corp Drill Sergeant


Sergeant Bill Randolph has clearly seen too many movies with overbearing drill sergeants and seems to attempt to use all their most egregiously obnoxious behaviors as much as possible.

He is the one has who been instructing you on basic rules of Trans Corp, and will be testing each of you to make sure that you pass muster and can be certified as Trans Corp trouble shooter. Randolph seems to hold just about everyone (including his superiors) in contempt and thinks little of “special powers” and “trickery” and is convinced that the Corp has been diminished by the addition of every new agent since “the good old days”.

Randolph will be the one that will be issuing the live action tests and determining what those tests consist of, as they are tailor made for each participant.

Even though he appears in all ways to be a normal human with no particular skills or powers, people generally seem in awe of his presence, and give him a wide berth.

Sergeant Bill Randolph

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